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Empowering Your Warehouse Operations: Advanced Visibility with Eye4Insight

Key Features of Eye4Insight That Will Transform Your Warehouse Operations and Visibility

Capture your data in one comprehensive dashboard

Have real-time, full visibility into your warehouse network in just one click.
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Add new users, assign roles & determine permissions

We allow multi-tier access from operations up to management.

Warehouse Management System integration for your convenience

Our software works well with your existing tools.
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Custom design to meet your business & branding needs

Developed as a white-label tool, our software is readily available and customizable to meet your requirements.

An internal platform that helps you win clients

If you use Eye4Insight, you can choose to publish & promote each warehouse in your network on eye4storage.com; an independent marketplace that conveniently brings supply & demand together. Attract many searchers from across the world and find the best business for your warehouse.
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List your space

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Provide a quote

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